How to Use Instagram ID Finder by Photo (4 Methods) New

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Instagram ID Finder by Photo : Instagram has over 1 billion active users who share 95 million photos and videos every day. With such a massive user base, Instagram is a key platform for social media marketing. But to maximize your Instagram strategy, you need to know your target audience – and identifying Instagram user IDs is crucial for that.

An Instagram user ID is the unique number associated with each account. While usernames can be changed, IDs stay the same. Knowing a user’s ID allows you to analyze their engagement and connections for deeper social media insights.

Luckily, there are tools to find the ID from just a user’s Instagram photo. In this post, we’ll explore how ID finder tools work and how to use them for a stronger social media strategy.

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How Instagram ID Finders Work (Understand What an Instagram ID) :

  1. When you upload a photo on Instagram, it receives a unique URL containing the media ID.
  2. The media ID is connected to the user ID of the account that uploaded the image.
  3. ID finder tools can extract the media ID from the photo URL and use it to look up the associated user ID.
  4. This allows you to reveal the user ID from just the photo, without needing the account handle.

4 Methods Guide to Using Instagram ID Finder by Photo:

Choose the Right Tool (Method-1):

There are several online tools and services that claim to help you find someone’s Instagram account from a photo.

  • These tools often use image recognition or reverse image search technology to find similar images across the web, including social media platforms.
  • Some popular options include Google Images, TinEye, and specialized social media search tools like Social Catfish or PimEyes.
  • Be mindful to use these tools ethically and respect individuals’ privacy.

6 Instagram ID Finder Online – Use Reverse Image Search (Method-2):

1. Google Images :

  • Google Images offers a powerful reverse image search function. By uploading the photo in question or providing its URL, Google searches the web for similar images and can potentially lead you to the Instagram profile associated with that photo.

2. TinEye :

  • TinEye specializes in reverse image search. It allows users to upload an image to find where it appears on the web, including on social media platforms like Instagram, if the image is publicly indexed.

3. Social Catfish :

Social Catfish
Social Catfish
  • Social Catfish is designed for identity verification and can be used to find social media profiles, including Instagram, from a photo. This tool is particularly useful for verifying the authenticity of a person’s identity online.

4. PimEyes :

  • PimEyes focuses on facial recognition technology to search the web for similar faces. If you have a photo of someone and want to find their Instagram profile, PimEyes can search for public images that match the face in your photo.

5. Berify :

  • Berify is another reverse image search tool that compares your uploaded image against a vast database of images from social media, search engines, and other sources to find matches or similar images.

6. ImageRaider :

  • ImageRaider works similarly to TinEye and Google Images by conducting a reverse image search. It can be particularly useful for finding images that are spread across various platforms, including Instagram

Check for Direct Matches or Similar Images (Method-3):

  • Once you’ve conducted a reverse image search, look through the results for any direct matches on Instagram or similar images that might lead you to the right account.
  • This step requires a bit of detective work, as you’ll need to manually check the results to find a match.

Respect Privacy and Legal Considerations (Method-4)

  • It’s essential to approach this process with respect for others’ privacy.
  • Use the information you find responsibly and avoid infringing on copyright or privacy rights.
  • If you’re looking to use the photo for any purpose, always seek permission from the original poster first.

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Alternatives and Precautions

  • Directly Asking: If possible, the most straightforward approach is to ask directly where the photo came from or who is in it. This method respects privacy and ensures direct communication.
  • Instagram’s Search Function: Sometimes, using specific hashtags or locations tagged in similar photos can lead you to the account you’re looking for.
  • Privacy Concerns: Be aware that using third-party tools to find someone’s Instagram ID or personal information can lead to privacy violations. Always use these tools ethically and consider the implications of your actions.
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Can I find an Instagram account by photo?
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to directly get someone’s Instagram profile through their pictures unless the user has tagged themselves or provided their Instagram handle in the caption or comments.
How to find Instagram ID?
  • If you forget or don’t know your Instagram username, you can still log in using your phone number or email address associated with your account
Which app can find a person by picture?
  • Reverse Image Search let you search images via Google Image Search (Google Lens), Bing Image Search, Yandex Image Search and TinEye Image Search.


While finding an Instagram ID using just a photo can be challenging, tools like reverse image search can make the process easier. Always prioritize ethical considerations and privacy, using the information you find responsibly and respectfully. Remember, the digital world is vast, and while technology can connect us in many ways, respecting each other’s digital space is paramount.

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